Saturday 29th July
from 7pm to 11pm
Summer in Versilia w/ Burro Studio

During the event the limited edition t-shirts with embroidered logo will be presented, created in collaboration with Stole the Snow e Burro Studio.
TASTY, like the best local desserts!!!

The STOLE THE SNOW project represents an online fashion concept store exclusively for men, with Nordic lines and colors. Created by the young designer Simone Riccomi.

Burro Studio is a design studio founded by Giovanni Manzini and Federica Caserio.
We strive to align inspiration, creativity, and business goals to create unique and memorable experiences. Burro Studio is a creative platform providing graphic design services applied to branding, interaction, media and spaces. Sharing ideas is the key of our work, a collaborative process to do and get the best. Burro Studio will be where the new is happening.

Art director: Simone Riccomi (Stole the Snow)
Graphic Design: Burro Studio + Studio Sofa