Studio Sofa Opening Party
From 6pm to 10pm
Via del Marzocco 45, Pietrasanta

FOOD: Il Marzocco (Trattoria Moderna)
MUSIC: SVNTY + Drunkdrivers


Studio Sofa is an interdisciplinary collective, with an eclectic taste, working in various fields of communication, fashion, design and visual arts: from digital to publishing, from research into materials to finished products, from web design to management of social networks. An intimate, comfortable place where you can feel at home (sitting on your sofa) where passions, interactions between people with the same interests and careful research to identify the client’s needs are the things that interest us most.

Founded in 2018 by Lucrezia Cortopassi, Studio Sofa is also a space that intends to question “the sense of learning”, encouraging the confluence of different creative knowledge through a rich calendar of events, workshops and exhibitions.
We call ourselves that because:

– Sofa, the armchair, was our first office, as it was for many;
– Sofa is a universal word, without identity, just like our style, which is changeable, multifaceted;
– Sofa is a concept that we like, and it resembles us: it expresses our creative vision through intimacy, acceptance, contact;
– Sofa is a friendly work environment, encourages collaboration, amplifies the exchange.

Studio Sofa is a place for meeting and experimentation: here are emerging artists, design enthusiasts, designers and people looking for a new visual identity that distinguishes them. A refuge full of ideas and stimuli, open to contamination.